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Why Is It Important to Get Accident Records?

Most of us prefer not to think about getting into a traffic accident when we start up our cars, trucks, or motorcycles. But let’s face it: traffic accidents are not exactly rare, especially in the Bay area. But as common as traffic accidents are, not everyone knows what important steps to take after being involved in one.

One critical step to take is to obtain an accident report. An accident report from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, or from another relevant police agency, is required by your insurance company when you submit a claim. Without this report, you may not be able to claim compensation for any personal injuries or property damage that resulted from your accident.

A Contra Costa County accident report contains the information and details your insurance company needs to determine issues such as who was at fault. The report includes a police officer’s account of the accident along with information about the date, time, and location where the collision took place and other details regarding the condition of the road and circumstances. The report also details how the accident occurred, what damage to the vehicles resulted, and what injuries were received and by whom.

What type of report is filed with the police may depend on the severity of the accident. But your insurance company will require some kind of official accident report from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office or another relevant police agency. Let us help you obtain the correct documentation so you can move your insurance claim forward and receive the compensation you need.